The best ways to update your staircase

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Whether you want to change your steps to a smarter style or simply give them a stunning makeover, there can be some ups and downs that you should be aware of.

A stunning staircase is a dramatic focal point in your home, but if it’s ugly, bulky, blocking out light or simply impractical, it’s hard to avoid its dominating effect. However, replacing or upgrading your stairs is probably easier than you might think.

The right location?

For an all over renovation one thing to consider is whether your stairs are well positioned. Yes, moving a staircase will be time-consuming, costly and messy not a light decision and best consulting an expert before you take the first step.

Remove and replace

If your existing staircase is too steep, too narrow, structurally unsound, or simply so terrible it warrants ripping out, consult a specialist staircase company for advice on both practicalities and styles.

Timber is a timeless choice for the structure, but other possible materials include glass, metal, while in terms of design you could go for open treads, a cantilevered style or a staircase that curves elegantly at its base into your hallway.

New staircase? Your need-to-know…

When designing a new staircase, the steps obviously have to be level and even, but you’ll also have to satisfy building Code regulations relating to the overall pitch, landings, handrails, balusters and the measurements of the risers (vertical part of a step) and goings (horizontal part of the step).

Banish boring balusters (and other easy upgrades)

Since the handrail, newel posts and balusters are rarely a vital part of the structure of an old staircase, it’s quite easy to upgrade them. You could take out traditional, turned-wood spindles and fit contemporary glass panels, steel uprights.

You can also reclad treads with solid Australian Hardwood timber treads.

Provided you stick to the regulations, there are no limits on staircase style.

To discuss your options further consult with expert Staircase Specialists at

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Bamboo may not be as green as you think

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Bamboo floors may not be as green as you think.

Timber Staircase

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A timber Staircase matching your new timber floor, is like icing on a cake.

Everybody loves timber floors and if you can match your staircase then it goes without saying that the finished look will be simply stunning.

Have a look at the transformation that an existing MDF staircase undergoes when the old carpet is removed to reveal the bare MDF treads and risers, right through the stages of the new solid tread and riser being installed and finally the finished product.

We offer the complete service at Timber Floors Pty Ltd so why not give us a call today to discuss your renovation. Tel: 02 9756 4242 or visit us at 7 Jumal Place, Smithfield NSW 2164

timber staircase

timber staircase

Timber Floors – Sydney!

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Flooring installation specialists

Timber Floors Sydney

Timber Flooring  by Timber Floors  Pty Ltd

Timber Floors Pty Ltd are the family friendly choice for supply and installation of timber flooring in Sydney.

Modernising your home renovation can be difficult and stressful but choosing a wooden floor provides a hassle free and stylish way to put your worries behind you.

John Bruker with over 52 years experience and director of  Timber Floors Pty Ltd has the enviable reputation of being at the helm of the leading company that supplies and installs timber flooring in and around Sydney. The first choice of many of Sydney’s leading designer builders for one reason Timber Floors does not compromise on quality and workmanship.

The demand for Wood floors has risen dramatically over the past few years, for a few simple reasons; it’s more affordable, durable and it is not restricted to fashion trends as it never goes out of style. The nature of hardwood floors means that it’s simply the best way to showcase your home.

Young families and professionals “time poor” are behind this stylish trend as the ease with which it is to maintain a wood floor means it suits the hustle and bustle of a hectic lifestyle. If you spill something or walk in with dirty shoes wooden floors are easily cleaned and being a natural material are a lot more durable.

With dirt, animal hair, illness and allergies, bacteria and germs can fester amongst the dirt and become a potential health risk in other flooring options. More and more people are deciding on timber flooring due the fact it doesn’t harbour allergens, micro-organisms or harmful pesticides. If small children in particular are in the house this can be a problem. Timber flooring does not have these worries due its hypo-allergic qualities.

Timber Floors Pty Ltd have especially developed their own unique system of preparation and installation over concrete slabs especially for the Asthma and allergy sufferer initially in mind, but it is now common place in all our floors over concrete. This system has been developed over the last 20 years to a tried and tested format that literally hundreds of satisfied customers are testament to.

Bearers and Joists construction methods in the early years meant that timber floors were common place, however most were always meant to be covered with either carpet or linoleum as was the fashion. If you had a polished timber floor most weekends meant the tiresome waxing of the floors a task no one looked forward to. Thankfully with the modern finishes now available; those days are gone. Additionally the modern method of kiln drying timber means new floors with all their variations of colours and grain are a bonus decorating feature.

Timber floors can offer a contemporary feel to a home, something we all strive for, with what started out as a trend that was restricted to the more affluent end of town has now filtered down as the stylish way to go about home improvement.

If you are environmentally conscious and do not wish to have a large carbon footprint, then wood flooring is a brilliant step forward. The large majority of timber flooring is sourced from renewable forests to ensure that for every tree used, another will be planted in its place. At Timber Floors Pty Ltd we strongly support Australian Mills that follow Sustainably Managed Forest Programs.

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Bamboo may not be as green as you think

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Bamboo may not be as green as you think.

   If you are…

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Image   If you are building or renovating a home in Sydney your first choice for your timber floor supply and installation must be Timber Floors Pty Ltd. Why? Because we offer uncompromised quality and service backed by unparalleled experience in timber floors.

Your choice in flooring will play a vital role in determining the character of your home. For this reason your choice in your flooring option needs to be a floor covering that can last the lifetime of the home with minimal fuss.

So it stands to reason that the flooring company you choose should be experienced in using Australian Hardwoods as these are the best suited species for timber floors in Sydney.

With over 52 years experience how can you go past Timber Floors Pty Ltd? Our Company has the most practical experience in supply and installation of wooden floors in Sydney. Two generations of Floor layers John Bruker and Rex Bruker will guide you through the selection process, offer qualified advice as both are qualified Builders and Rex is a licensed carpenter. Our family business takes care of all the worries as we handle the job from start to finish. Fully licensed for structural floors 50337C.   

Most home owners will look at the colour of the timbers first and that is a good place to start but knowing if the species is well matched to the houses location and build type is all the difference between a timber floor that is appropriate or not and will outperform a timber floor chosen for colour alone. Not every house has been built suited to having a timber floor either. Handymen, carpenters, tradies and builders know how to work with timber but not how timber works. As we take great pride in our reputation we will not install a timber floor in your home unless we are 100% certain we can deliver a timber floor to our own standards.

Choosing a timber floor is best done in person as each species varies even if the name is the same. Sourcing a good quality species requires local knowledge of where the timber is being sourced from. Not all hardwoods are “hard” sadly younger timbers will mean the floor will be “softer” and therefore mark easier than a timber of the same name from an older tree. Additionally young timbers will “move” more than older more stable timbers.

Sanding and Polishing highlights the natural beauty of the floor. There are different products on the market some are higher maintenance than others and some are not suitable for kiln dried timber. Within our warehouse and showroom you can see various displays of different finishes and age points so an informed choice on the look you would like to have on your floor can be achieved. Our Warehouse and Showroom is open 6 days Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 1pm. For more information go to our website at

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Timber floors by name and by trade

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Timber floors by name and by trade

If you are looking for Licensed, qualified and experienced floorlayers in Sydney look for the silver and blue TF – the orignal and the best – there is only one Timber Floors Pty Ltd in Sydney and we are located in Smithfield.

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