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Reviews and businesses saved by TF10ORS on TrueLocal

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Reviews and businesses saved by TF10ORS on TrueLocal.

solid hardwood timber flooring renovation by Timber Floors Pty Ltd Sydney

Timber Floors Pty Ltd are the family friendly choice for supply and installation of timber flooring in Sydney.

Modernising your home renovation can be difficult and stressful but choosing a wooden floor provides a hassle free and stylish way to put your worries behind you.

John Bruker with over 50 years experience and director of Timber Floors Pty Ltd has the enviable reputation of being at the helm of the leading company that supplies and installs timber flooring in and around Sydney. The first choice of many of Sydney’s leading designer builders for one reason Timber Floors does not compromise on quality and workmanship.

The demand for Wood floors has risen dramatically over the past few years, for a few simple reasons; it’s more affordable, durable and it is not restricted to fashion trends as it never goes out of style. The nature of hardwood floors means that it’s simply the best way to showcase your home.

Young families and professionals “time poor” are behind this stylish trend as the ease with which it is to maintain a wood floor means it suits the hustle and bustle of a hectic lifestyle. If you spill something or walk in with dirty shoes wooden floors are easily cleaned and being a natural material are a lot more durable.

More and more people are deciding on timber flooring due the fact it doesn’t harbour allergens, micro-organisms or harmful pesticides. If small children in particular are in the house this can be a problem. Timber flooring does not have these worries due its hypo-allergic qualities.

Timber Floors Pty Ltd have especially developed their own unique system of preparation and installation over concrete slabs especially for the Asthma and allergy sufferer initially in mind, but it is now common place in all our floors over concrete. This system has been developed over the last 17 years to a tried and tested format that literally hundreds of satisfied customers are testament to.

Bearers and Joists construction methods in the early years meant that timber floors were common place, however most were always meant to be covered with either carpet or linoleum as was the fashion. If you had a polished timber floor most weekends meant the tiresome waxing of the floors a task no one looked forward to. Thankfully with the modern finishes now available; those days are gone. Additionally the modern method of kiln drying timber means new floors with all their variations of colours and grain are a bonus decorating feature.

Timber floors can offer a contemporary feel to a home, something we all strive for, and what started out as a trend that was restricted to the more affluent end of town has now filtered down as the stylish way to go about home improvement.

If you are environmentally conscious and do not wish to have a large carbon footprint, then wood flooring is a brilliant step forward. The large majority of timber flooring is sourced from renewable forests to ensure that for every tree used, another will be planted in its place. At Timber Floors Pty Ltd we strongly support Australian Mills that follow Sustainably Managed Forest Programs.

Want to know more of want to discuss your homes potential or suitability for a solid timber floor then call us on 97564242 or go to


Solid Timber Floors for Commercial Projects

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Solid timber floors are a practical choice for Commercial Projects!

Many people tend to completely overlook Solid Wooden Flooring for commercial flooring projects, mainly because it is initially more expensive than other types of flooring; however there are many great benefits which outweigh the initial additional cost.

A good quality wooden floor will outlast other flooring products many times over. Solid tongue and groove floors actually look better as the years go by. They are hard wearing and yet soft underfoot. Wear and tear of any type of floor covering is inevitable however a simple sand and seal will bring it back to new again. This is a lot less costly than refitting a new floor.

An important advantage of a timber floor, is the timeless appeal that wood has and can fit in with any type of use such as offices, restaurants, shops, galleries, halls and schools. Australian Hardwood timber floors are more popular now than ever before. Often highlighted in advertising material of venues always adding that touch of class to any ambience.

The bottom line is that Australian Hardwood flooring has many benefits over other types of flooring. It may cost a little more upfront, but in the long run they are vastly more economical. John Bruker has been involved in numerous commercial projects over the years to name a few standouts The Theatre Company, The Rocks, Sky Gardens, Westfields Sports High and many others!

So if you are interested in raising your Business’s profile may we suggest you come to our Showroom and Warehouse we will provide you with qualified advise on the best suited species for your project and also advise on any steps that may need to be taken in preparation in the lead up to installation one of our more recent jobs

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timber flooring for high school hall

Brush Box tongue and groove solid timber flooring by Timber Floors Pty Ltd Sydney

Camden Hotel

Timber Flooring by Timber Floors Pty Ltd Sydney

Unique Sydney Flooring Options

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