If you are…

Image   If you are building or renovating a home in Sydney your first choice for your timber floor supply and installation must be Timber Floors Pty Ltd. Why? Because we offer uncompromised quality and service backed by unparalleled experience in timber floors.

Your choice in flooring will play a vital role in determining the character of your home. For this reason your choice in your flooring option needs to be a floor covering that can last the lifetime of the home with minimal fuss.

So it stands to reason that the flooring company you choose should be experienced in using Australian Hardwoods as these are the best suited species for timber floors in Sydney.

With over 52 years experience how can you go past Timber Floors Pty Ltd? Our Company has the most practical experience in supply and installation of wooden floors in Sydney. Two generations of Floor layers John Bruker and Rex Bruker will guide you through the selection process, offer qualified advice as both are qualified Builders and Rex is a licensed carpenter. Our family business takes care of all the worries as we handle the job from start to finish. Fully licensed for structural floors 50337C.   

Most home owners will look at the colour of the timbers first and that is a good place to start but knowing if the species is well matched to the houses location and build type is all the difference between a timber floor that is appropriate or not and will outperform a timber floor chosen for colour alone. Not every house has been built suited to having a timber floor either. Handymen, carpenters, tradies and builders know how to work with timber but not how timber works. As we take great pride in our reputation we will not install a timber floor in your home unless we are 100% certain we can deliver a timber floor to our own standards.

Choosing a timber floor is best done in person as each species varies even if the name is the same. Sourcing a good quality species requires local knowledge of where the timber is being sourced from. Not all hardwoods are “hard” sadly younger timbers will mean the floor will be “softer” and therefore mark easier than a timber of the same name from an older tree. Additionally young timbers will “move” more than older more stable timbers.

Sanding and Polishing highlights the natural beauty of the floor. There are different products on the market some are higher maintenance than others and some are not suitable for kiln dried timber. Within our warehouse and showroom you can see various displays of different finishes and age points so an informed choice on the look you would like to have on your floor can be achieved. Our Warehouse and Showroom is open 6 days Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 1pm. For more information go to our website at www.timberfloors.com.au

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2 Responses to “   If you are…”

  1. You people look like real experts of installations of Timber flooring in Sydney. I really appreciate your work dedication and sprit. ,  

    • I love what I do and fortunately my Son who grew up around timber floors has the same passion, he is an excellent tradesman and will take our Company forward. When you work with a product that you know and love it is easy to achieve the highest standards. We take great pride in our work and it is nice that you passed on your comments. Thankyou

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