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The best ways to update your staircase

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Whether you want to change your steps to a smarter style or simply give them a stunning makeover, there can be some ups and downs that you should be aware of.

A stunning staircase is a dramatic focal point in your home, but if it’s ugly, bulky, blocking out light or simply impractical, it’s hard to avoid its dominating effect. However, replacing or upgrading your stairs is probably easier than you might think.

The right location?

For an all over renovation one thing to consider is whether your stairs are well positioned. Yes, moving a staircase will be time-consuming, costly and messy not a light decision and best consulting an expert before you take the first step.

Remove and replace

If your existing staircase is too steep, too narrow, structurally unsound, or simply so terrible it warrants ripping out, consult a specialist staircase company for advice on both practicalities and styles.

Timber is a timeless choice for the structure, but other possible materials include glass, metal, while in terms of design you could go for open treads, a cantilevered style or a staircase that curves elegantly at its base into your hallway.

New staircase? Your need-to-know…

When designing a new staircase, the steps obviously have to be level and even, but you’ll also have to satisfy building Code regulations relating to the overall pitch, landings, handrails, balusters and the measurements of the risers (vertical part of a step) and goings (horizontal part of the step).

Banish boring balusters (and other easy upgrades)

Since the handrail, newel posts and balusters are rarely a vital part of the structure of an old staircase, it’s quite easy to upgrade them. You could take out traditional, turned-wood spindles and fit contemporary glass panels, steel uprights.

You can also reclad treads with solid Australian Hardwood timber treads.

Provided you stick to the regulations, there are no limits on staircase style.

To discuss your options further consult with expert Staircase Specialists at

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Timber Staircase

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A timber Staircase matching your new timber floor, is like icing on a cake.

Everybody loves timber floors and if you can match your staircase then it goes without saying that the finished look will be simply stunning.

Have a look at the transformation that an existing MDF staircase undergoes when the old carpet is removed to reveal the bare MDF treads and risers, right through the stages of the new solid tread and riser being installed and finally the finished product.

We offer the complete service at Timber Floors Pty Ltd so why not give us a call today to discuss your renovation. Tel: 02 9756 4242 or visit us at 7 Jumal Place, Smithfield NSW 2164

timber staircase

timber staircase

What type of flooring should I put in my new home build?

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Many people ask themselves this question when they are building a new home in Sydney.  Solid timber floors are a practical choice for a new home build! Often people tend to completely overlook Solid Wooden Flooring when building a new home, mainly because it is initially more expensive than other types of flooring; however there are many great benefits which outweigh the initial additional cost.

A good quality wooden floor will outlast other flooring products many times over. Solid wooden floors actually look better as the years go by. They are hard wearing and yet soft underfoot.

Wear and tear of any type of floor covering is inevitable however a simple sand and seal will bring it back to new again. This is a lot less costly than refitting a new floor.

An important advantage of a timber floor, is the timeless appeal that wood has and can fit in with any type of décor. Australian Hardwood timber floors are more popular now than ever before. Often highlighted in advertising material of home decorating magazines, real estate brochures, always adding that touch of class to any ambience.

The bottom line is that Australian Hardwood flooring has many benefits over other types of flooring. It may cost a little more upfront, but in the long run they are vastly more economical.

So if you are interested in improving the visual appeal and genuinely value adding to your home may we suggest you come to our Showroom and Warehouse we will provide you with qualified advise on the best suited species for your home and also advise on any steps that may need to be taken in preparation in the lead up to installation.

For more information please go to our website at

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timber staircase

capped concrete staircase with solid timber tread and riser supplied and installed to match the new timber flooring also by us



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